Revision in school by us!

The aim of the revision sessions are to enhance and embed learning, which has already taken place in the classroom, through providing a number of activities.   Each activity is structured in a way that allows repetition to take place in a fun and interesting way.

Activities will push the upper band and support learning for the less able students.  The main areas of weakness in GCSE Child Development fall on the advanced terminology used, which students find difficult to recall, and the long answered questions on the exam papers.  These are the main areas that would be focused on during a revision session.

What we will provide

  • A number of work stations will be set up within the classroom. Students will visit these stations and carry out the activities in place.
  • A detailed session that looks at exam technique and how to revise.
  • A session which will look at the long answered questions and how to tackle these.
  • A guide for students to take away which includes a number of past questions and answers.
  • Activities for the classroom teacher to use to embed the learning that has taken place on the day of the session
  • Expert help for students from someone who knows the areas of the syllabus in detail.
  • Differentiated learning through structured support.

 Expected Outcomes

  • Students feel more confident in completing a long answered question.
  • Students feel more confident with recalling subject terms that will appear on exam papers.
  • All students highly engaged due to the variety of activities that support different learning styles.
  • Increased motivation to succeed.
  • Students will support each others learning and transfer these revision skills and techniques to other subjects.
  • Create peer groups to continue learning outside of school using ideas gathered from the day.

Please note the price does not include travel expenses.

  • All activities will be provided, no resources needed from the school
  • Revision booklet for each student provided
  • Ideas for teachers to help them to continue the styles of revision shown and actual lessons to use

Please ring us and we can discuss requirements and a suitable date.

Currently our fees are : £20 per student (minimum of 10) plus a fee of £200 for half a day (school hours) or £350 fee for a full day (school hours)  Payments MUST clear before the date of the course 

Please see our terms and conditions

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