Consultancy service at your school.

What will you get from this service?

Depending on your requirements the consultation will be structured around your needs.  If you are an NQT or new to teaching Child Development I can help you to understand the exam board you have chosen to teach.  I can help you to produce a detailed scheme of work and offer resources for the most difficult or dry topics that need to be taught.  I will help you to create a range of lessons and provide you with the basics to start teaching your chosen course. 

If you are more experienced I can tailor the consultation to your own needs.  Before you use this service you need to decide what you want from it.  I am here to help you to be an expert in this field.  Below are a number of areas that you may feel are important to your professional development. 

  • Planning lessons that motivate all students
  • Producing schemes of work
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment for learning
  • Help with coursework
  • Strategies to ensure coursework is completed on time!
  • Understanding the child study

I have over 14 years’ experience of teaching this subject and have had a range of students with differing needs and motivation.  Along with many of you, I have had the whole range of A* to G in the same group with the additional worry of target grades, especially for those who have target grades that we know they are going to struggle to meet.

If you wish I could observe you teaching a specific group that you are struggling with and come up with some suggestions on how to approach the lessons to engage all of your students.  This would not be a formal OFSTED type observation.  Instead I will purely be looking at students’ engagement.



Travel expenses will need to be paid separately to the actual fee itself.  This is due to the distance that I may need to travel to reach you.   This will always be by train or taxi, whichever is cheapest.

If you are interested and wish to have a chat please email me and I will get back to you with a quote.  You will need to leave a contact name and a telephone number.