CACHE Child Development and Care Level 2 Unit 1 (603-3293-1)


    This is  teaching PowerPoint with a student booklet that goes with the PowerPoint.  It covers all areas of the CACHE unit 1.  There are paired tasks, YouTube clips to reinforce topics, individual tasks and homework which can be adapted and edited to suit the needs of your students.  Within the student booklet there are links to all of the YouTube and websites that are in the teacher PowerPoint.  This will enable students to continue with their work should there be some sort of lockdown due to Covid.

    It is advisable to double check the areas on the PowerPoint before you use them in case you need to print off any policies on external websites if computer facilities are not available for all students in your lessons.

    Please note whilst we try to ensure there are no spelling mistakes, sometimes these can be missed.  Do check the slides you are using before your lesson.

    Please note that we have no control over the YouTube clips.  It is important that you double check that the clips are suitable for the age that are viewing them and that the clips still work as they can be updated or discontinued.  If a clip is discontinued you are advised to contact Outstanding Resources so that we can find a suitable alternative for you.  Thanks