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Marking! Love it or hate it we have to do it!   If you are anything like me you probably find marking one of the most boring things about your job.  It seems to take forever and do your students even read what you have written? If they do, do they take on board your […]

Do you take risks?

It has been mentioned in the past that students have no basic skills when they leave school.  They rely heavily on other people to support them.  They are not innovative, cannot think for themselves and have poor communication skills. What can we do about it? I have some interesting groups of students, like many of you.  […]

The Narcoleptic Teacher

The Narcoleptic Teacher A couple of years ago I decided to do an article for a newspaper company about teaching with narcolepsy.  Needless to say the newspaper fabricated certain information, I assume to sell papers!  I have decided to post this blog explaining what it is and how I manage this debilitating condition.  You may […]

Get your students thinking!

Get your students thinking! We all struggle with the dry difficult topics that leave us wondering what we can do to make it interesting for students. The areas that require an understanding of technical medical terms, the areas which just ‘need to be learned’.  We have composed a number of activities that will help to […]